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DIY ASAP: Unclogging A Toilet

DIY ASAP: Unclogging A Toilet 15 Feb

So let’s set up the scene. You’re at your new boyfriend or girlfriend’s house and ask to use the restroom. Everything is peachy until you flush the toilet and hear that horrifying “glub, glub” sound and the bowl fills with water. Pop quiz hot shot, WHAT DO YOU DO? Everyone has encountered that annoying problem of a clogged toilet, it can be both frustrating and messy if you aren’t careful. Clogged toilets are usually not something you need to call your local Houston plumbing service for. They are usually caused by excessive toilet paper or after a storm sometimes leaves get in the vents on your roof that allow water to flow and drain. If you encounter this problem, especially at your significant other’s house, don’t panic. Follow these simple steps to untangle even the most stubborn clogs.

Push It. Push It Real Good.

Most clogged toilets can be cured with the use of a simple extended flange plunger. These are available at your local supermarket and hardware store. On average, it costs about $100 to get a plumber to come out; a plunger? About $12. You do the math. When using a plunger make sure the flange is extended outward. (Inward for sink drains, outward for toilets, FYI.) Gently put the plunger in the bowl and create a seal over the toilet drain. On your first downward thrust, be gentle and slow to let the air out of the plunger. On the following thrusts be firm and push downward and pull back. This will create a suction that will loosen most clogs and the water will suddenly pass once the clog is broken up.

Go Au Naturale

If the plunger is not proving fruitful, a natural method, free of chemicals, is a bottle of white vinegar. Get a gallon of white vinegar and pour as much as you can at about a foot above the bowl. This will take about 45 minutes but will usually break up anything that is clogging the toilet because of the acidic nature of vinegar. Bonus Tip: This is also an excellent bleach alternative to cleaning your toilet. Don’t forget to crack a window though.

Time To Break Out The Big Tools

If the plunger does not work and you have tried the vinegar method, it may be time to break out the big tools. A drain snake is a long flexible metal coil with a corkscrew shaped end. It is designed to grab on to whatever is blocking the pipe and break it up, force it through, or pull it out.  This is a tool that we use often here at A1 Discount Plumbing. We value our customers so we want to show you how to do this yourself, and save you money. You can get a snake at any local hardware store for under $40. Simply insert the snake into the drain and push it in until you meet solid resistance. You then turn the snake clockwise and push or pull the item out. If you have kids, the most common issue would be a half roll of toilet paper or toy.

Call The Houston Plumbing Pros

If all else fails, you may be looking at a serious problem that requires our services. While this is rare, it does occur At A1 Discount Plumbing, there is no job too large or small for us. We deliver high end quality and fair prices to our customers. Why pay more for large chain based plumbing companies who aren’t invested in the Houston community? We are a local family just like you, who just happen to run an excellent plumbing company in Houston.

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