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Top 10 Most Expensive Plumbing Myths

Top 10 Most Expensive Plumbing Myths 11 Apr

“You’ll drown if you swim right after you eat.” “If you leave that mayo out, it will spoil.” Yes, we have all heard these and other myths about everything in life. Myths that just because it spread around, became accepted as truth. Most times you come to find out that these myths are overly generalized or flat out wrong. Well ask any Houston plumber and they’ll tell you their list of every crazy plumbing myth they have heard as well. You would be surprised what some people believe, and we are here in this two part series to debunk TEN of the most expensive plumbing myths. These WILL cost you money if you buy into them so being your Houston plumber of choice, we clear the air for you over the next couple of weeks.

Myth #1: Put Lemons In Your Garbage Disposal To Break Down Grease

Sure it’s a well-known fact that lemons break down grease; But do you know why? Citric acid. Yes, ACID. Yes you may get a fresh lemony scent in your disposal now, and yes you may break down some grease, but acid, while known for breaking down grease also breaks something else down, METAL. So those half dozen lemons you just ran through there are happily corroding your $200.00 disposal into oblivion.

The Right Advice:
Don’t ruin your disposal! Pour a bowl of ice, sprinkled with Kosher salt, down the drain, then run the disposal on high for a few minutes. While it’s not a quiet method by any means, it gets’s the job done well and washes away all the scum that is causing the odor as well.

Myth #2: “In Tank” Cleaners Will Clear The Build-Up Easily!

Don’t waste your money on those “in tank” toilet bowl cleaners. They just don’t work and 2,000 flushes later, will indeed have you feeling blue. These cleaners simply make the grime turn white but still smells and can still ruin your toilet if the build-up is left unchecked. Ditch the “easy fix” and do it the right way

The Right Advice:
Pour vinegar down the overflow tube Vinegar not only loosens up and flushes the grime out but leaves it smelling clean as well.

Myth #3: Buying Cheap Products With Lifetime Warranties Is Smart

There’s an old saying “you get what you pay for.” This is never truer than in the home improvement product industry. When you invest in something like a toilet or kitchen sink, you will spend more money on a cheap unit with a lifetime warranty, than saving up for a quality unit that lasts. Always remember most warranties replace your product with the bare minimum, so and you’ll spend more money on new installations again.

The Right Advice:
Buy quality products the first time and save yourself the headaches and extra money of replacing junk.

Myth #4: Running Water With The Disposal On Helps Waste Go Down

Sounds legit right? We have all done it. In the end, we end up sticking our hand (after it’s stopped of course!) down the disposal to unclog the disposal anyway. If the blockage is already there, running water won’t do dink for your sink.

The Right Advice:
Fill the sink with about five times as much water as food, then turn on the disposal. The water will carry the food simultaneously instead of just following behind it.

Myth #5: If It Goes Down The Drain, It’s All Good

If you follow the mode of thought “Out of sight, out of mind” when it comes to your plumbing you will be in for a rude awakening.

Some foods like rice or grains can puff up in your pipes for days before it manifests as a bonafide clog. Just because you can’t see, it doesn’t mean it’s not a burgeoning problem. If you don’t allow the proper amount of water to flow to evacuate the pipes fully, you will have a problem.

The Right Advice:
The answer is really simple. Use your sinks and toilets correctly. Fill sinks with water as mentioned last week BEFORE letting food go down the drain. Do not overstuff toilets with paper. Use hair screens in sink drain to catch wayward hair as it acts as a birds nest in a drain.

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