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Why Your Toilet is Not Flushing & How to Fix It

Why Your Toilet is Not Flushing & How to Fix It 4 Mar

Toilets get flushed numerous times throughout the day. And it’s not something that we typically spend time thinking about. We use the toilet, pull the lever, and then walk out of the room. But sometimes you find that your toilet is not flushing properly, and that can be rather frustrating. There are several different ways that a toilet can malfunction and sometimes you can fix the problem yourself without calling a plumber.

1. Toilet Won’t Flush At All

A toilet that won’t flush is a toilet that can’t be used and sometimes you really need to use it. There are two common reasons why a toilet won’t flush at all:

A) The tank is empty.

The tank is filled with water by a supply line that connects to a wall. You can find the valve for the supply line on the wall. Check to make that the valve is open and allowing water to pass through. Also, make sure to check that the floater inside the toilet tank is not stuck or obstructed

B) The chain or wire between the flush lever and flapper is loose or broken.

To fix a chain that’s loose, simply remove some of the links. If it’s broken or too tight, you will have to replace it. If your toilet uses a wire instead of a chain, loosen the attached screw and adjust the wire to the proper length.

2. Toilet Won’t Flush Completely

The most common cause of a toilet that won’t completely flush is a blockage. You can learn about how to unclog a toilet on this post.

The chain or wire is yet again suspect if a toilet won’t flush completely. Follow the steps above to fix the problem. Sometimes when a toilet won’t completely empty, it’s a water pressure issue. In this case, you may have to contact a Houston plumber to inspect your lines.

3. Toilet has a Weak Flush

A slow or weak flush could be due to reduced water flow. Sometimes dirt and minerals will build-up and clog the holes under the rim of a toilet bowl (where the water enters into the toilet bowl when you flush it). Use a wire brush and a liquid toilet bowl cleaner to clear out the clogs. Alternatively, a wire coat hanger can be just as effective.

Another reason your toilet might have a weak flush is that the fill valve is set improperly. The fill valve is what determines how much water will fill up your toilet tank. Every toilet is different, but finding the fill valve shouldn’t be too difficult. Consult the manufacturer’s manual if you are unable to find it.

4. Toilet Continuously Flushes

If you notice that the water is constantly running in your toilet, it’s likely that the flapper is not sealing the drain properly. The flapper is the rubber part that seals the drain inside the tank and lifts and lowers when you flush. Check to make sure that nothing is obstructing the flapper from sealing the drain. Your flapper may also need to be replaced as toilet cleaners and chemicals used by the utility companies can wear them down over time.

If you’ve tried all the above tips and you still notice your toilet is not flushing properly, it’s time to call in the Houston plumbing experts. Contact A1 Discount Plumbing at 713-321-2005.

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